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Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Bones, Bad Bones and My Beef with Winter

I saw my ortho doc on Tuesday for the monthly shoulder check. In the beginning, I think he was just waiting for something to go wrong, but now 3 months after surgery, my shoulder is starting to feel better and the bones still look good. This time he also wanted to get x-rays of my ankle, which has been causing me a great deal of pain lately.

General verdict was that although the ankle x-rays looked good, bone-wise, the instability and pain aren't just going to go away. Fusion is still my best bet, as the one orthopedic procedure I've been satisfied with throughout all of this is my shoulder fusion. I told him I wanted at least six months to think about it; he offered to get me a better ankle brace while I figure it all out.

If only things could ever go as planned.

Winter is here in New England. On Tuesday, a sudden dip in temperature turned local roads and sidewalks into sheer ice. Unwilling to risk life, limb or child, I was quite hermetic between mid-day Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, when I had to drop my car off at the dealership for some repairs. By that point, most of the ice and snow seemed less hazardous—or so I thought until I slipped on the way out of the auto repair shop. I landed in a heap on my “good” knee, twisting my “bad” ankle beneath me. Despite being a little banged up, I felt less hurt than I was mortified and quickly regained my composure in order to right myself.

Getting up was worse than falling. As soon as I stepped on my ankle, I could tell it was bad, even through my snow boots. I usually have pain, but enough stability to walk in a brace without dislocating. Now it seemed, my ankle was clunking in and out with each step. (Cam was so disgusted by the noise that she all but forbade me to walk.) When I did walk on it, I immediately saw stars.

Back to ortho doc. (2 appts in 4 days: not exactly the sort of record I'm going for.) His words: “I've never seen anything like this.” With EDS, I get that a lot. Nothing fractured or dislocated, but Tuesday's “good looking bones” now had remarkably more joint space. Not surprising that the bones were sliding around much more than usual. Ortho doc's hope is that the fall caused some bleeding and swelling which temporarily worsened things; my fear is that I'm going to be stuck this way until the fusion, which I didn't want to schedule hastily.

For now I'm back in a walking boot with a rocker sole, so at least the audible clunking and associated waves of nausea have subsided. My fear of requiring emergency surgery, at least, was allayed. The boot allows me to walk and keep up with life, a privilege I don't take lightly.

Really hoping that the snow/ice/freezing part of winter is over. Please?


  1. Winter and I aren't friends either. Slush, snow and ice are the worst things ever!!! Hope you're feeling better today, sending lots of juju to you and miss Puggles xx

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